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3 New Inventions of Renewable Energy

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 Florida Solar East offers a free Annual Performance Check. We will make sure that your system is operating at peak performance levels.
If you are solar conscious, then you might be driving an electric vehicle alrey. At Florida Solar East we install level one and two chargers. Your dealership provides a level one charger that takes a copious amount of time to recharge. With a level two charger you can cut your time in half and gain your independence back!
If, years down the ro, you come to realize you need a new roof, we will uninstall and reinstall the system for you at a cost.
Panel level Monitoring
Far too many companies do not provide panel level monitoring. In Florida Solar East, panel level monitoring is standard. You will have access and understanding of your systems production.
You can access this data from your desktop, tablet, or smart phone. This is through the manufacturers website that we install, setup and then turn over to you. Panel level monitoring is available for Enphase, Power One, and Solar Edge systems.
Performance Guarantee
With this level of monitoring, we will notice any deficiency in your systems production, and be able to resolve the situation in a timely manner.
Lower your electricity bill with solar for your home
It starts with a 10-minute call. That’s how long it typically takes to see if your home is a good candidate for solar panels. We’ll ask a few easy questions about your energy use and have our Certified Solar Specialist come out and look at your roof. Simply fill out this form or call us at 866.44.SOLAR to get started.
Lock in low energy rates
Protect yourself from unpredictable rate hikes. Utility costs tend to rise every year, but Florida Solar East, LLC lets you lock in low, predictable solar energy rates that are guaranteed for years to come. Your consultant will tell you how much you can save.
Get a customized solar quote
Our team will put together a custom solar quote based on your home’s architecture and energy needs. This will include all of your options and project your energy savings for years to come. We’ll walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.
Your Florida Solar, Me Easy​ from the best solar providers near me, the best solar companies near me and the best solar installation companies near me!
1 Free Quote – Fill out the form above to get started! Request a free quote directly to your inbox, or schedule a call with a solar visor to learn more.
2 – Consultation – A solar visor will visit you on-site or setup a remote appointment to confirm the details of the report and answer any questions you have about your solar system.
3 – Sit Back & Save
We will handle the rest! From permitting installation, our experienced team will make it as easy as possible for you to start saving today!
Get Started Today – Call Florida Solar East1(866) 447-6527 []

Solar power – The best way to use natural resources

Solar power – The best way to use natural resources

Solar power is one of the fastest growing inventions and many products are still being designed with the use of this technology. You don’t only save on electricity bills but are indirectly helping to save the Solar Instalationenvironment. Here are some of the benefits to using solar power:

a. Solar power helps to slow global warming –Global warming is one of the biggest threats to the survival of humans. With solar power panel systems, the electricity is generated without causing pollution. Residential Solar Panels are one of the best options to help prevent global warming.

b. Solar power helps to save on billions of dollars – Our societies are already facing threats due to global warming. And it is projected to rise in the coming decades and is supposedly going to cost trillions of dollars. Hence, taking immediate steps to fight global warming will likely save billions of dollars.

c. Solar power helps in money saving – Installing solar power panels on the roof of your home will save on electrical costs. People who have installed solar panels have saved thousands of dollars per year. It is something that is worth the investment.

d. Solar power provides energy – Once these panels are installed, you can rely on this source of energy. Many people feel it will be costly to install, Solar Financing is one of the options you can use to help you purchase solar panels. Over time, the amount of savings will continue to increase.

e. Solar power provides energy security – This is perhaps some good news for all, no one has monopoly over the sunlight that a person receives. If you were to install solar panels you have the possibility of receiving solar energy for years to come.

f. Solar power gives energy independence – Solar power gives positive benefits of energy independence. Unlike, fuels that needs to be bought or refilled, solar power is constant. Solar power keeps giving its energy to the panels and the panels store those reserves for us to use in household, factories, or commercial spaces. Solar power energy is not time bound.

g. Solar power has created many job opportunities – The jobs that are created while generating electricity from coal creates far less job opportunities as compared to jobs being created by the solar powerhouses. It is becoming a source of living for many individuals.

Solar power is slated to keep growing in the coming decades, it is extremely advantageous for those who install panels. Florida Solar East is committed to giving the best innovative solutions. Millions of panels are already being set globally and it is one of the popular choices in the United States.

See how much you could save on electricity when you switch to solar with our solar savings calculator. Just input your address and to get started or contact us for a free quote (888) SOLPOWER 765-7693


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