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What Are The Best Solar Energy Companies And Installers For Homeowners?

Should I Use Solar Panels On My House? Have you ever looked at your electricity bills and wondered how you

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What Are The Best Solar Energy Companies And Installers For Homeowners?

Should I Use Solar Panels On My House?

Have you ever looked at your electricity bills and wondered how you could lower the cost? As a homeowner looking for a more cost-efficient way to power your home, you should consider looking into solar energy companies to fulfill your energy need. Solar panels have been beneficial for millions of individuals across the world as they lower their electricity bills, as well as produce clean energy through sunlight. With renewable energy, the amount you used to pay in electricity bills to the utility company can now be used to impact other areas of your life or business. For example, you can dedicate the amount you save to boosting your business and your life in general. Investing in solar panels also has a significant impact on our world. By using renewable energy sources like solar panels, you are using clean energy and leaving less of a carbon footprint on our planet.

Installing solar panels can be a complicated task and should be left to a professional solar panel manufacturer. If you decide to do this on your own, you will be putting your valuable property at risk. We’ve listed some of the world’s leading solar panel companies and homeowner installers in the solar industry that you should consider whenever you have solar power installation tasks.

How Should I Choose A Solar Company?

Once you’ve decided to go green and become part of the ever-growing solar energy industry, then you will need the services of reputable local installers. The company you hire will determine the quality of work and efficiency of your solar panels. Since you are looking for the best deals, you will need to be careful when deciding on the solar installer to work with. What makes the task more challenging is the fact that there are so many solar companies across the world, and all of them want you to hire them. To know whether or not a solar company is right for you or not, you should consider the factors below.

  • The Total Cost: The first thing you should think about before deciding whether to hire the company in question or not is the total cost charged. Solar installers will charge different amounts for the same task depending on various factors. It’s up to you to set a limit on the maximum amount you can afford for the initial solar panel installation cost. Once you decide on your budget, you can now compare it with what these companies are charging you. Consider the company that offers you the best deal at your set energy budget, and still provides you quality.
  • Read Online Reviews: Another thing that should guide you when looking for the best solar company is its online reviews. Previous clients are a useful source of information regarding different companies. When you come across a company that claims to be the best, you can Google their online reviews, or look on the Better Business Bureau website. Looking at what previous customers have to say will help you know what to expect should you decide to hire that company. 
  • Recommendations: Hiring the best solar installer for your solar electricity panels can be made simpler if you look for recommendations in the area. The best way to look for advice is to consult your friends, coworkers, and family. If any of your friends have ever hired the services of a solar company, you can ask them to share their experience with that company. Did the installer deliver as expected? How long did they take? What was the cost?
  • Experience: Another way to tell whether the solar installation company in question is right for you or not is considering the experience and knowledge they have. An experienced company, in this case, is not only the one that has lasted many years in business but also one that has handled as many solar installation tasks as possible. The number of projects they have done correctly is something you should be considering, which indicates they have served many other individuals who had similar needs like yours, and hence, they know how to handle your task.
  • Financing Options: When hiring a solar installation company, it is good to consider if they have a financing option available to you. Different companies will offer you different financing options, and it’s up to you to choose the best one that works for you to install solar technology. 
  • Availability: The availability of the solar company in question is a factor you need to consider. You need to ensure that the company you are hiring has enough time to invest in your solar project. Some companies will bid on your projects, and once you hire them, you end up being frustrated because they don’t deliver on time, and in some instances, they never deliver at all. You should ensure the company you are hiring has enough employees to handle your installing your solar panels.

Best Solar Energy Companies

Are you looking to hire one of the most competent solar panel installers in your area? This can be a daunting task at times, particularly for individuals who have no prior experience with a solar energy system. To lessen this burden, here are a few of the top solar energy companies you should look into.

    • First Solar: One option you should consider when looking for solar installation services is First Solar. The fact that they’ve been around since 1999 tells you a lot about their quality since they have lasted so long. First Solar develops, finance, engineer, construct, and even operates some of the world’s leading grids connected to solar PV systems. Their main aim is to provide reliable, dependable, as well as cost-effective power alternatives to their customers. There are many benefits if you choose to hire First Order such as competitive prices, quality services, the best user experience, access to the fastest-growing technology, and timely customer support whenever you have a concern.
    • Florida Solar East: Founded in 2007, Florida Solar East is one of the leading solar power installers based in the United States. It offers some of the best deals for solar production that you can’t find anywhere else in the industry. Individuals contracting Florida Solar East to install solar panels in their homes or businesses enjoy various payment plans depending on their financial budget. Having multiple payment plans enables customers to choose the best option that works with their finances. Another thing you will love about Florida Solar East is MySunrise App. The app helps you control and monitor the solar panels in your home. The process of hiring Florida Solar East is not complicated, either. Once you reach out to them, they will send representatives to your home or business to evaluate solar eligibility. If approved, this solar expert company will provide a design for your solar panels in less than three weeks. If you go with the design, the next thing they do is apply for a permit. Installation begins once your local government issues the permit. Florida Solar East will give you up to 10 years warranty.
    • Sungevity: Sungevity is known to be the pioneer of solar leasing in the United States. Individuals considering using their services have the option to either lease or acquire financial assistance. With different financing options, you can invest in installing solar panels. Sungevity knows how hard it can be for homeowners to design the best renewable solar power system to fit in their homes. They will take care of all your design needs. When you trust them to be your solar installer of photovoltaic panels, you will be given up to 20 years of performance guarantee. Sungevity services also come with a mobile app to help you monitor your solar equipment.
    • Trinity Solar: Trinity Solar has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s a family-owned company. Over the years, the company has been growing, and now it has employed more than 1,000 workers. Currently, it has served more than 50,000 homeowners. They offer custom design solar panels and help you deal with all the paperwork required. They are one of the most reputable installers for solar panels, and they command the northeast part of the United States. Trinity Solar helps individuals residing in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Rhode Island.
    • Suniva: This solar panel company is found in the U.S. even though the Chinese own it. Suniva’s primary mission is to help individuals go solar. To many individuals across the world, the company is viewed as one of the best, if not the best, in making high-quality solar power products. They use modern technology to ensure everything they do goes well.
    • Vivint Solar: This company was founded in 2011, and it has grown to become one of the world’s leading solar power installer companies. Vivint Solar’s headquarters are based in Lehi, Utah. Currently, they are operating in more than 21 states. Vivint Solar focuses on designing, installing, and maintaining a local solar system. Just like other solar companies in the industry, Vivint Solar gives you multiple payment options to ensure that you make the smartest decision that won’t hurt you financially.

As you can see, there are many different options for you to choose from when you decide to install solar panels, with various financing options, as well as varying levels of quality. The best option is to research the local companies in your area and see what the best fit for you and your home is. 


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