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If you’re looking at choosing a solar company for your home or business in Texas, TriSMART Solar might be a good option for you! This company installs residential and commercial solar energy systems for Texas families and business locations, and is notable for working with you throughout the entire design and installation process, handling everything necessary in house instead of contracting out to other companies. To learn more about their history and services, keep on reading!


TriSMART’s History

When was TriSMART solar founded?

TriSMART Solar was founded in 2013. They’re a privately-held company focused on solar systems and home improvement. Since their founding, TriSMART has focused on providing solar systems to customers in Texas.

A page on TriSMART metrics shows that in 2018, TriSMART partnered with Mission Solar, another Texas-based company that manufactures solar panels, to help keep their services local and keep prices reasonable for their customers. 

Where is TriSMART solar’s headquarters?

TriSMART’s headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. In addition to their headquarters, TriSMART Solar also has local offices in Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and El Paso.

What is TriSMART Solar’s mission?

TriSMART’s stated mission as a corporation is to work together within their company to “empower each other to in making a difference that matters to our organization and the communities we work in.” Like many solar energy companies, TriSMART is focused on working towards greater access towards renewable, clean power by offering it to as many people within their area of operation as possible. Part of that mission involves making sure that their customers are educated about their options when it comes to solar energy, and as we’ll see in the next section of this article, this is an area in which TriSMART appears to excel. 


TriSMART’s Services

What services does TriSMART offer?

TriSMART mainly offers solar and roofing services to their customers. They also help with the maintenance of solar systems and with exterior home and building improvements.

TriSMART Roofing

TriSMART’s roofing services offer repairs and full replacements for food, as well as the same for any other building exterior. Their website lists specifically that they can help with fencing, siding, gutters, and windows. This could be helpful especially for those interested in solar panel systems, which require a good roof to attach onto, and is likely another part of TriSMART’s attempt to help customers at every point in the process of getting a solar system installed. 

Solar Systems

TriSMART offers services to help throughout the solar planning and installation process. After you contact them, their process begins with first having an energy consultant work with you to review your home’s energy usage and learn what it is that you’re looking for from your potential solar system. During this part of the process, they will also go over all of your options when it comes to Texas’s Energy Tax Credits and any potential rebates available through your local utilities. During this part of the process, they are there to answer any questions you have, and get things going with your solar system.

The next step in the process is when TriSMART has their engineers design a system for your situation, planning where solar panels will be installed and how, as well as how many will be needed to reach the energy production that you are looking for. 

TriSMART Solar emphasizes their installation services in particular. This is the third part of their process, and one of TriSMART’s selling points is the speed of their installation. Once they get started, most installations, they say, will only take eight hours to complete, though some jobs on larger roofs may require slightly more time. In general, they claim to be able to finish the installation process all within one or two work days total.


What kind of solar panels does TriSMART use?

There are many different types of solar panels. At TriSMART Solar, they use panels known as the REC Alpha Black Series 360W Solar Panels, working together with the REC group, who are said to be industry leaders in solar panel design and production. These panels are designed to have improved energy-generation performance in less-than-adequate (shady) light conditions. This is because their panels are split in half-cuts, so that each larger panel has two different sections which can operate independently when needed. This means that shade over half of the panel will not impact overall performance, as long as the other half is still unshaded. TriSMART’s website shows a graph comparing the overall annual yield of these panels to conventional solar panels, showing a noticeable improvement in energy production especially in the middle of the day.


TriSMART’s Prices

Although the cost of a solar energy system can obviously vary widely, depending on your home or business’s energy needs, size, and other factors, TriSMART does give us a look at the general range of prices their customers can expect. On, where TriSMART is listed as a partner, TriSMART mentions that their typical systems cost “between $15,000-$30,000 before rebates and incentives.” This appears to be around or just less than average when it comes to the cost for residential solar in particular. They go on to claim that most solar systems will “pay for themselves” within 8-12 years, based on average savings on utilities.

Along with their work on every other part of the solar system process, TriSMART also offers help with financing for their systems. Customers can get a solar system planned and installed for $0 down in many cases, and, as mentioned above, TriSMART also helps you take advantage of any available rebates or other local incentives for switching to solar power. 


What are people saying about TriSMART Solar? 

With all of that information in mind, we have a pretty good idea of what TriSMART offers and what they can do for customers. However, one of the most important things to look at with any solar company is what their customers are saying about them and their services. Let’s look at some reviews to see what people are saying about TriSMART Solar.

Reviews for TriSMART Solar are generally very positive; many reviews from customers express appreciation for the energy consultants with whom they worked. These reviewers often mention how easy it is to work with them, especially during the planning stages, where the consultants are skilled at explaining options to their clients, as well as answering any questions that might come up during the planning. In fact, this helpfulness and willingness to explain things and answer questions is a common theme in customer reviews, even in later stages of the process.

However, some reviewers do mention that the process takes longer than they had hoped for, specifically in between the different stages explained on TriSMART’s website. Although the installation itself is generally well-reviewed and appears to be completed quickly, as the company promises, the duration between planning a system and having the installation team arrive is occasionally mentioned by reviewers as taking longer than expected. 

Because TriSMART handles their own installation services, reviews are also more favorable about this part of the process, and the way that it is completed. Many other solar energy companies will work through local contractors, which can add complications to the process, or mean that the quality received through the installation can vary wildly from location to location, or from contractor to contractor. TriSMART bypasses this potential issue by handling the installation themselves, and reviews reflect that this method seems to be providing good, consistent service for the installation stage of the process in most cases.



Overall, TriSMART Solar seems to be a very good option for Texas-based homeowners or businesses who are looking to upgrade to a solar energy system. Their knowledgeable and helpful consultants, positive customer reviews, quick installation times, and the fact that they handle installation themselves instead of subcontracting the work to other companies all mean that you’re likely to have a consistently good experience working with them. Consider giving them a closer look if you’re interested in their services!

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about going solar, whether you’re looking at solar in Texas or in other locations, you can check out some of our other articles on, where we review different solar energy and installation companies so that you can learn more about your options and make an informed decision about your solar energy system.

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