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How Long Does a Solar Pool Heating Panel System Last?




With warranties exceeding a decade in most cases, manufacturers are obviously very confident in their solar pool heating panels. Once the warranty enters the discussion, usually that is the end of the conversation. But the question still remains:

“How Long Does a Solar Pool Heating Panel System Last?”

Solar Pool Heating Panels Installed on a Tile Roof

Solar pool heating systems are generally trouble-free, especially with proper care and maintenance. Solar pool heating panels will see millions of gallons of water flowing through them over a lifetime. Like any pool plumbing or system with water flowing through it, especially one that is exposed to the sun every day, there will be some deterioration over time. The good news is that the deterioration if very minimal due to UV inhibitors in the formulation of the panels. Manufacturers work very hard to ensure their formulation is long lasting, and the big players have been around long enough to know their products can be solidly supported over long warranty periods.

There are systems that have been operational in Southwest Florida over 30 years. It’s hard to tell exactly why some systems last that long, but care and maintenance, system pressures, environmental impacts, and frequency of use surely have roles. Regardless, you should plan on replacing your solar pool heating panels between 10 and 15 years after the initial installation for the best experience.

Another related question is:

“How long will solar pool heaters continue to perform at a high level”

We recently received a call from a happy customer who had their solar pool heater installed in 2001 (14 years ago), saying his pool is 91ºF today. He was surprised that it has continued to work so well. I wasn’t surprised, as solar pool heating panels do not really degrade to a great degree in terms of the amount of heat transferred to pool water. Naturally panels will fade a little, but will still remain a color that most people would call black or very dark gray. As a result, there is very little change in the performance of a solar pool heater over time. The decision to replace a solar pool heater usually comes after a warranty expires and minor panel or plumbing leaks, which can be easily repaired in most cases, become more frequent. While it is possible to continue to service and maintain a system well after the warranty period, many people conclude that new panels with a new warranty is money better spent.

So if you are wondering how long a solar pool heater lasts, the answer is… a long time. In fact, it’s about the same length of time that the average homeowner stays in their home (nationwide average), and probably much longer than the average homeowner in Southwest Florida. If you calculate the cost per year of owning a solar pool heater, it starts to look like a very attractive upgrade, especially compared to traditional heaters!


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