Making the switch to solar is an increasingly popular decision for homeowners.

The ever increasing cost of electricity has people searching for any possible way to reduce both their energy consumption and their energy bills. Thanks to solar, both of these things have never been easier. The many uses for solar energy allow homeowners to customize their solar system to best work for them. The decision to make the solar switch is often decided once homeowners become more educated on the variety of ways in which a home system can be used.

So, what are some of the best ways to get the most out of the solar panels on your home?

  • Proper Citing For Your Solar System
  • Localize Your Solar Usage
  • Utilize A Solar Monitoring Platform
  • Buy Solar Panels In Bulk
  • Conduct Regular Panel Cleanings
  • Invest In Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Proper Citing For Your Solar System

The first thing a homeowner should do once they have decided to make the solar switch is to properly select the site for your home system. Solar experts will tell you that the best homes that will generate the maximum amount of solar power are those with very large, south facing roofs.

The reason that this is ideal is that, in the northern hemisphere, the south sky receives the highest average sunlight per day. If you have roofs that face east and west, this does not mean that you cannot utilize a solar system, it just means that your system will not be able to maximize its possible output.

Another thing to consider before fully designing your home solar system is whether to build a roof mount system or a ground mount system. If you have either no south facing roofs or not a lot of roof space period, a ground mounted system may be right for your home. This is especially true when you own a great deal of land that is free of trees that could potentially shade the system.

With more space in an open field, homeowners can oversize their system to get a better return on their investment. This can allow homeowners to by solar panels by the pallet thus reducing their cost per watt of the system. By correctly citing your home system, homeowners can maximize their output and minimize their electric bills.


Localize Your Solar Usage

In order to make your home as power effective as possible, some homes may benefit from localized solar usage.

This means that they only use enough solar to generate electricity for a single appliance. This can be something like a solar powered washing machine or solar powered air conditioning. A solar powered washing machine can completely remove this appliance from your energy usage stack thus greatly reducing your energy bill. Any solar power appliance can be run solely by solar panels on your home if you are willing to have it wired correctly.

By localizing your solar usage for specific appliances and attempting to minimize energy usage elsewhere, homeowners can get the most out of solar in their home.


Utilize A Solar Monitoring Platform

While solar systems are often viewed as passive systems which homeowners can often set and forget, there are a variety of things that can fail over its lifetime.

The best way to minimize system downtime is to utilize a solar monitoring platform. This can help you view things like the solar systems production, how each panel is performing, and how best to utilize your uses for solar energy.

Additionally, a solar monitoring platform allows you to estimate how much of a reduction homeowners can expect to see on this month’s power bills. If your home is to be as power effective as possible, you will need to know as much about your solar system as possible.

Solar panel pallets include serial numbers on each of your modules. This can allow monitoring companies to map the modules on your rooftop. This way, it is easier to replace panels when something goes wrong. This also makes it easier to file a warranty claim when a panel breaks before the warranty is up.

Additionally, there are a ton of online resources which can help teach you warning signs of a faulty system when you choose to monitor your solar system yourself to save money. This way, you can react as quickly as possible when an issue should arise.


Buy Solar Panels In Bulk

One of the biggest expenses of installing a solar system is the hardware on your roof.

This includes the panels themselves, racking, wiring and inverters which is the piece of hardware which changes direct current produced by the solar panels to alternating current which is the type of electricity that comes out of the outlets in your house.

While many of these components have very fixed prices, the cost of solar panels can be changed based on purchase quantity. Buying bulk solar panels or solar panel pallets can reduce the total cost per watt of the module. Depending on the size of your roof or available ground space, bulk solar panels or buying solar panels by the pallet can save homeowners hundreds of dollars and reduce the total payback period of the system.


Conduct Regular Panel Cleanings

Over time, a solar system can become dirty from mother nature.

This can include things like dust, dirt, or even bird droppings. As panels become more covered with a variety of contaminants, the output can drop meaning you will have to use more energy from the grid as opposed to your own solar system.

Another instance in which homeowners would want to clean their panels is if they live near the ocean. This is because salt water can leave salt deposits on solar panels over time which can lower total output.

The frequency with which your panels should be cleaned is determined solely by your specific location. It is important not to pay for the cleaning service too frequently or else this additional cost will be far greater than your overall energy savings.


Invest In Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades

In order to minimize energy consumption, homeowners can also implement a variety of energy efficiency upgrades in their homes.

This includes taking measures such as upgrading more traditional lighting to higher efficiency LED lighting as well as updating your appliances to those which utilize less energy. If your home needs to use less energy to begin with, it is much more likely that your solar system will be able to meet a higher percentage of your total energy demand.

In some cases, a solar electric generator can help you run every single one of your appliances if they utilize less power to begin with. The uses of solar power are virtually endless. As long as something is able to be run by electricity, it can also be powered by a solar system on your home. The combination of being able to generate electricity for yourself and use less to begin with helps homeowners truly get the most out of the solar panels on their home.

There are a ton of ways to get the most out of the solar panels on your home ranging from a solar power appliance to utilizing a solar electric generator. Luckily, the many uses of solar power allow every homeowner to utilize their system in the best possible way for themselves. By becoming a more knowledgeable solar owner, homeowners will get the most out of the solar panels on their home.