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Ferriera Construction’s “Net Zero” Headquarters Recognized by State of NJ



With incentives provided through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Ferriera Construction has been able to provide all of the electric energy needs through a combination of solar photovoltaic and energy efficiency measures for its 42,000 square foot commercial building headquarters.

Deemed the nation’s first Net Zero Electric Energy commercial building, New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine and BPU President Jeanne M. Fox recognized Ferriera Construction as the recipient of the 2007 New Jersey Clean Energy Leadership Award for Market Innovator earlier this week.

“Yesterday, I was in Portugal to meet with several world leaders about climate change policies.  We made progress discussing the environmental and economic promise of investing in cleaner facilities and we are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Ferriera Construction is actually making that promise a reality and is a trailblazer for providing an energy efficiency blueprint for New Jersey,” said Governor Jon S. Corzine.

The 40,000 sq ft commercial building generates its own electricity from a rooftop grid-tied 223 kW DC photovoltaic system that is continuously monitored by software developed by Live Data Systems.

The Live Data Systems software tool provides real time information on performance and energy use, which allows for continuous improvement in efficiency and operation.  The monitoring by this software enabled Ferreira to obtain Net Zero Electricity use and helped the company avoid over 1 million lbs. per year in CO2 emissions. 

Besides the photovoltaic system the building has a combination of energy efficiency features like solar DHW system, radiant floor heating systems, a 96% efficiency boiler and extensive building controls and monitoring.

“This accomplishment exemplifies a core belief of Ferreira Construction that businesses must take a leadership role in being responsible citizens and in giving back to the community.  We hope our efforts show other New Jersey businesses that they too can participate in New Jersey’s pioneering efforts,” said Nelson Ferriera, Owner of Ferreira Construction. 

The third annual New Jersey Clean Energy Leadership Awards highlights New Jersey’s clean energy goals and strategies to reduce greenhouse gases, increase the use of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency.  Through its Clean Energy Program, which provides more than $180 million dollars each year to businesses, residents and municipalities, New Jersey has emerged as a national leader and one of the fastest growing clean energy markets in the country.

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