Need a Tax Break? Go Solar in 2019 for Maximum Benefits

If you’ve been on the fence about going solar, here’s a great reason to make a decision soon: The U.S. federal solar investment tax credit, known as the solar ITC, is set to decrease after 2019.

This tax credit, which you can apply toward your 2019 federal income taxes, currently is equal to 30 percent of the cost of a home solar system.1 The system must be purchased via cash or loan and installed before 2020.  (There is also a tax credit for businesses that go solar. Learn more about the solar investment tax credit for businesses here.)

SolarTech, a San Diego based solar company that installs FSE® solar, recently posted this helpful guide and video explaining the upcoming changes to the ITC and how to claim the credit on your taxes if you went solar in 2018. Click to learn more: The Ultimate 2019 Guide To California Solar Tax Credit and Incentives.

This post originally appeared on the FSE Business Feed.

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