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Tesla officially launches in Portugal today, opens Model S/X orders and announces new Superchargers




While Tesla wasn’t officially selling its vehicles in Portugal, several locals decided to import the Model S themselves and created a Tesla owners community in the country. Last year, they were pleading for the automaker to establish a presence in the Portugal and offer services. CEO Elon Musk heard the plea and shared our article about it while simply responding ‘OK’:

The company has since been making efforts to officially enter the market and met with government officials, but today they finally launched in the Portugal and opened orders for the Model S and X.

Tesla now has a sales representative in Lisbon and it is expected to soon open a store and service center.

It means that new owners will be able to buy directly from Tesla and unlike the current owners in the country, they will not have to go through Tesla in another country and then import the car in Portugal. The days of having to travel through Spain, all the way to Bordeaux or Marseille in France, the closest service centers, will soon be over.

The first deliveries directly in Portugal are planned for the second quarter.

Tesla will also expand the Supercharger network in the country following the recent expansion in Spain. The first stations are expected during the second half of the year.

Additionally, Tesla will start rolling out its Destination Charger program in Portugal “in the next few weeks”, according to a press release. Local businesses will be able to get level 2 chargers from Tesla at no or little cost.

The company produced a quick promo video for their introduction in the country:

Tesla is in the middle of several expansions in new markets ahead of the Model 3 launch later this year. The company just entered Taiwan, South Korea, and New Zealand.

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