Pentair IntelliValve Actuator 521485

Florida Solar Design Group is happy to announce that we are the first solar pool heating dealer in Southwest Florida to offer the Pentair IntelliValve motorized actuator to control solar pool heating systems with new and existing automation systems. This revolutionary valve has LED indicators of valve positions and requires no dis-assembly of the valve to adjust the valve stop points, resulting in pinpoint accuracy.


The major features of this new valve per the manufacturer are:

  • Thirteen (13) LEDs give precise, easy-to-read indication of valve position.
  • Built-in interface allows accurate, quick and simple setup of water flow.
  • Sleek, minimalist design is compact and fits easily within any equipment pad.
  • Sealed, maintenance-free design is weatherproofed for maximum reliability and extended service life.
  • Suitable for 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ valve sizes.
  • 24-volt operation for use with standard automation systems.
  • 750mA max amp draw (many are 1000mA).
  • Adjustable in 3.75-degree increments within the maximum 180-degree swing.

We see this valve as an easier to install product that should be longer lasting due to it’s sealed design. It will also be much easier for homeowners and pool service companies to operate for service purposes and much easier to talk customers through issues over the phone when something goes wrong. No longer will actuators be left in the manual off position without visual indication that the valve is turned off, making it easier for service personnel and homeowners to diagnose issues.


The Pentair IntelliValve (P/N 521485) is compatible with most pool automation systems on the market, new and existing, including:

  • Pentair EasyTouch
  • Pentair IntelliTouch
  • Pentair SunTouch
  • Pentair SolarTouch
  • Hayward AquaLogic
  • Hayward ProLogic
  • Hayward eCommand
  • Hayward OnCommand
  • Hayward GL-235 (and older GL-35)
  • Jandy Aqualink
  • Any automation system with standard 24Vac 3-pin actuator connector


Available as an option on new solar controller installations and as an upgrade on existing systems, the actuators can be used for any 2-way or 3-way valve for solar pool heating control, pool/spa automation, or to control features. It will be offered to prospective and existing customers as a premium options alongside our solar pool heating offerings.

The Pentair IntelliValve is a game changer, sure to make big waves in the industry. Nobody else is doing anything quite like it at this time. We are maintaining our position on the forefront of solar pool heating system design and installation by offering this innovative product immediately. Contact us for more information about the IntelliValve or any other solar and pool automation product.