This solar pool heater installed in Naples, FL came with a complete equipment replacement at the pool pad including filter, pump, and chlorine tablet feeder.

When installing a solar pool heater, it’s the perfect time to consider upgrading your pool equipment. While it’s not required, and your existing pump and plumbing can be used, changing our all or some of your equipment can make your pool pad look and function great!

Because we usually need to send two pipes up to your roof to install a solar pool heater, reconfiguring the pool equipment pad can make your plumbing much tidier. It can also make servicing your pool equipment easier by placing filters, valves, and controls in positions that are easy to reach. Using top quality components makes valves easy to turn and filters simple to service.

By replacing the filter, pump, and chlorine tablet feeder (or salt chlorine generator) we can make sure that all 2 inch plumbing is used and that the plumbing routing is done as efficiently as practical while maintaining usability. Of course it’s nice to have everything shiny and new to go along with your brand new solar pool heating panels, too!

We can reuse any equipment that is in good shape and just replace components that are showing their age. We always keep serviceability and future replacement in mind to reduce potential future repair and replacement costs.

In the pictures below we installed all new Neverlube suction and return valves, a Pentair variable speed pump, a Pentair Clean & Clear cartridge filter, and a chlorine tablet feeder. All of the existing pool equipment was removed, the pipes were cut down to the ground level, and the owner poured a new concrete equipment pad before we came back and installed everything.

Swimming Pool Equipment with Solar Pool Heating Valves

When you are installing a solar pool heater, ask us about replacing other equipment at your swimming pool equipment pad. After all, it’s the perfect time to do it, and we do it right!