Every once in a while we get a relatively easy solar pool heater installation on our schedule. It’s a welcome break from steep roofs, long plumbing runs, and roof types that require extra care in terms of safety, protection of the roof, and installation difficulty. Starting and finishing a job in one day is definitely a satisfying experience. That’s not to say that we don’t put the same degree of workmanship and excellence into the easy ones. In fact, shingle roofs come with some important tasks. We use an exclusive aluminum flashing and roof protection system (which you can’t see in the picture because they are under the shingles and panels). We also use a special base plate under the plumbing clamps that elevate the plumbing off the roof surface. This is another Florida Solar Design Group exclusive in Southwest Florida. It’s these little details that make even the easy and quick installations the best available.

This solar pool heater, installed in March 2016, took one day to complete and represents one of the easier installation scenarios we encounter.

Our exclusive plumbing clamp base elevates plumbing off the roof. Plumbing and fittings wearing and tearing shingles is one of the most devastating problems that plague the industry. Our care, attention to detail, and superior product makes this concern a thing of the past.