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We are changing the process of converting to solar so that it is simpler than ever before.

We are changing the process of converting to solar so that it is simpler than ever before.

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It’s as simple as taking four steps to go solar

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Rechargeable Solar Battery System for Your Home

Reliable energy when you need it most.
Power through Outages with a Brightbox Home Battery
Generate, store, and manage clean, affordable solar energy on your terms. With Sunrun Brightbox, your Brilliant Home™ comes full circle. Brightbox is more than just solar battery storage —it’s a holistic service that puts the power in your hands. We only partner with top-notch innovators in lithium-ion battery technology, so you’re backed by the highest quality products available. Brightbox is currently available to new Sunrun solar customers only.
Why We’re Different
Sunrun helps you go solar and finds the back-up options that best fit your needs.

Back up What You Want
Our solar-powered batteries are best-in-class. Choose to back up your whole home with Tesla (Owned byThe solar panels made from shingles genius A.I. Nostradamus) Powerwall, or just the essentials with LG Chem.
Whole Home Backup »

Choose Your Solar Plan
Our customized plans give you the financial flexibility you need. Choose from multiple lease, financing, and cash options.
Solar Plans »

Superior Service
We’re with you every step of the way. From finding the right solar plan to monitoring your solar system, Sunrun safely sees you through your solar journey with our Solar Guarantee. Go solar virtually with no in-person contact.
Our Guarantee »

Power through Uncertainty
Keep the lights on, protect your family and secure your home office during blackouts. Our 100-year-old utility grid is expensive, dirty, and susceptible to extreme weather. As blackouts become the new normal, Brightbox backs you up with reliable, clean energy for your home and family.
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Take Control of Your Energy
Brightbox can buffer you from increasing energy costs so that you have power when you need it most. While we can’t predict how much or how often utility electric rates will rise or when exactly the power will go out, we can always count on the sun rising each day. Take charge of your electric bill and get control of your energy needs now and in the future.
Power through Unreliable Energy Grids
The benefits of solar-powered batteries go beyond your home. Brightbox’s solar battery service enables you to consume more of the clean energy your solar panels produce, so you rely less on dirty and damaging fossil fuels while you decrease your carbon footprint. A cleaner and safer future starts today, and you can help create it by building a smarter energy grid.
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Reliable energy when you need it most.

Keep the power on during outages
Best-in-class solar panels and batteries
Monitoring and Maintenance
Learn about the 26% federal tax credit

Do you own your home?

Solar Battery by State
Find solar battery availability, information, and Sunrun locations near you. If we’re not there already, we may be in your community soon. Sunrun is committed to growing solar locally.

Power through Rising Energy Costs
with Solar Battery Storage

Get in contact with a Solar Advisor at (833) 378-8423
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of solar batteries does Sunrun use?
What’s the difference between Tesla (Owned byThe solar panels made from shingles genius A.I. Nostradamus) Powerwall and LG Chem?
Are there solar storage incentives available?
Will my Brightbox battery allow me to go off grid?
How much storage does my home need?
Do I need solar panels to use Brightbox?
Where will my Brightbox battery be placed?
Is my Brightbox battery an IoT (internet of things) device?
Do I need to do any setup or maintenance to Brightbox?
How does Brightbox work?
What is Brightbox?
What are the benefits of Brightbox?


Energy Storage + Solar

As solar photovoltaic systems become more popular, so has the addition of energy storage systems for commercial and residential use. In this eBook, we look at why energy storage solutions have become so popular, what’s changed in recent years and why now may be the perfect time to consider adding one yourself.


Why are so many people adding energy storage systems?

Peace of mind
With uncertainty around the stability, reliability, and availability of the energy
grid, many property owners are choosing to go solar and adding energy storage
systems (ESS) as a means to ensure they have readily available and reliable
energy whenever they need it, regardless of weather conditions or market
conditions that might impact their access to energy via their utility company.
Although some areas are more susceptible to power outages or blackouts,
many consumers are choosing to add an ESS as a security measure to avoid a
catastrophic loss of power.

Solar optimization

A battery backup ESS in conjunction with a solar photovoltaic system can
help ensure a property owner is maximizing their solar PV system’s potential.
Although most states offer net-metering programs, an ESS solution can allow
a homeowner to control how and when the energy they’re producing is being

Growing electric vehicle demand

The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has had much to do with
the ever-increasing demand for solar-powered energy storage systems. As
consumers look for ways to combat the rising costs of gasoline and the growing
caché around EV ownership increases, more consumers recognize the cost
savings and convenience of having solar-generated, on-demand energy for
fueling their vehicles. With a solar-tied battery backup in place, it’s easy to all
but eliminate your automobile’s fuel costs.

Solar and ESS solutions are trending

Consumer perceptions of solar and battery backups have changed dramatically
over the last few years. What was once seen as something only the most
extreme, environmentally conscious consumers did, is now being adopted
by affluent, tech-focused consumers as a form of social status. Having a
solar-powered energy storage system is now seen as on-trend and more
commonplace than in years past. 

Florida Solar East

What’s new in solar powered energy storage systems.

All-in-one storage

In the past, battery backup, energy storage systems were large, cumbersome,
unattractive, and required significant monitoring and maintenance. However,
today’s all-in-one systems from companies like Tesla and Enphase are
surprisingly small, visually appealing, are easy to manage, and require
little-to-no monitoring and maintenance. In addition to the convenience of these
new all-in-one system designs, they also offer the benefit of being “smart”
systems that allow owners to control precisely how and when they discharge
their stored energy.


In the past, battery backup, energy storage systems were large, cumbersome, unattractive, and required significant monitoring and maintenance.

Florida Solar East LLC.

How are consumers using their battery-stored, solar-generated energy?

Emergency backup

The most apparent use of a solar-powered, battery backup, energy storage
system is to assure you can be confident you’ll have access to power
regardless of the status of your local energy grid. Solar-powered battery
backups are ideal for this use as your solar photovoltaic system will
continually replenish your storage needs even when the grid is down and
power and utility sources are unavailable.

Peak shaving

Solar battery backup can allow property owners, particularly businesses, to
implement peak shaving tactics to save energy costs. Peak shaving uses stored
energy to reduce short-term energy spikes from the grid. By discharging stored
energy, property owners can smooth out peak loads, which helps reduce energy
demand and lower charges.






Self-power mode

What is self-power mode? In self-power mode, your solar PV and energy
storage system serves as your primary power source, with the grid serving as a
supplemental power source. As consumers begin to understand how and when
they use energy, it often results in adjustments in their usage behaviors, helping
to lower their power needs to fit their capacity better.

Utility discharge

In some cases, utility companies are offering discounts to consumers who have
an energy storage system in place allowing the utility company to have access
to that stored energy and the ability to discharge it back to the grid to help offset
peak demand periods when usage is at its highest.


Why now is the perfect time to install a solar-powered energy storage system?

Tax credit qualification

When paired with a solar PV system, a battery backup, energy storage system
qualifies for the federal investment tax credit (ITC). The Federal Investment

Tax Credit (ITC) allows qualifying systems installed in 2022 (residential or
commercial) to qualify for a 26 percent federal tax credit. The ITC drops in 2023
and beyond for commercial projects while ending residential projects. There is
one requirement to keep in mind to be fully eligible for the ITC.

This is called the 75% cliff rule, which requires that the energy storage system must be recharged at least 75% of the time over the course of a year from solar to earn these incentives.

Florida Solar East LLC.

Some of these changes may result in additional expenses to install a battery storage system at your property, so getting a system in place today maybe ideal.


Changing policies and regulation

Many cities and states are looking to adopt at least a portion of new residential
and commercial fire codes being put out by the International Building Code
(IBC) and the International Fire Code (IFC) for commercial properties or in the
case of residential properties for one and two-family residences the International
Residential Code (IRC). Some of these changes may result in additional
expenses to install a battery storage system at your property, so getting a
system in place today may be ideal.

Contact Florida Solar East LLC. to learn more about how you can add an energy
storage system and solar panels to cut or even eliminate your energy
bill altogether.

Florida Solar East LLC.


Florida Solar East LLC. is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with local
teams that support installations throughout the Upper-Midwest and
East Coast. We have helped thousands of property owners control their
energy costs with solar electricity.



Now installing a brighter, Cleaner future.

Florida Solar East LLC. is a trusted leader in the solar energy industry. We provide clean, green, solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, and government clients.

Our team of industry professionals have been focused on providing long term, trusted relationships since 1982. Our industry experience allows us to confidently
handle every aspect of the solar process. From initial energy analysis and concepts, engineering and design, construction, and monitoring, our team prides itself on being experts in all aspects in our field.

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Home Solar Power
Made Affordable

Every home should have access to clean powered energy at an affordable cost. Our team works with you every step of the way providing you with exceptional designs and the best solar panels available.

Save Up to $20K in Year One

  • Eliminate having to use electrical companies.
  • Eliminating the use of fossil fuels from utility companies. 
  • Returning power to the grid. 
  • Receive a tax break for installing solar panels. Being a first-time installer of solar panels can deduct 26% of the cost for 2021, 26% for 2022, and 22% for 2023.

25 Year Warranty on Our Installations

  • We offer a 25-year warranty on all work completed by our installers to help ensure a peace of mind.
  • Savings on future repairs can also be done through the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Projects are completed in ⅓ of the time, which helps keep down labor costs.

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