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13 Ways Your Solar Installation Can Get More Expensive | Ways To Save On Solar Installation

Home solar energy generation is a great idea and is on its way to representing the wave of the future.

13 Ways Your Solar Installation Can Get More Expensive | Ways To Save On Solar Installation

Home solar energy generation is a great idea and is on its way to representing the wave of the future.

Getting in on the ground floor is the best way to make the highest profits. But, beware that the typical solar panel system investment might cost as much as a new car. So, how do you cut the costs? Are some solar installers near me offering better deals?

Our Solar Installation Savings Guide will discuss how installation can be more expensive or more affordable based on different factors


Solar Installation Savings

I need solar installers near me. Electricity learning would be advisable for anyone who wants to go solar. You can optimize your Return on Investment (ROI) by understanding how solar power generation works. Once people start to conduct their research, they might realize that larger systems deliver larger energy savings. But, that will be more expensive.

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First, you might want to start by calculating the following:

  • Home Energy Used
  • Solar Panel Energy Generated
  • Home Energy Generated
  • Utility Rates

Simply take out your monthly energy bill and write down how much you paid. Next, determine what percentage was spent on electricity and what percentage was spent on Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC). HVAC might account for 50% of home energy usage.

Solar panels are rated by watts generated at peak capacity. The average home solar system will cost about $3.50 per watt of capacity. Determine how many solar panels will fit on your roof or in your yard.

Multiply the individual watts generated by each solar panel x how many solar panels will fit on your property. That gives you the amount of power that your home can generate if you were to have a solar roof.

The average cost for installing a 5-kilowatt solar panel system is about $17,500 to $18,500 or so. That is when there are no other issues.


But, now we will address the exceptions to the rule, which might make your solar investment more expensive:

1. Technology Generation

There are at least 3 generations of solar panel technology. If you invest in the 1st generation – Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline – your costs will be lower. Unfortunately, these have a 15% lower efficiency than 2nd generation solar panels.

2. Heating & Electricity

The federal 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) applies to either Solar 1. Heating or 2. Electricity. If your project solar energy covers both, it might cost more.

3. Smart Homes

Well, if you are going to become eco-friendly, why not create a smart home? You can add solar system self-monitoring technology.

4. Solar Energy Appliances

Electricity learning can help you understand the efficiency of the full range of solar appliances: ovens, furnaces, light bulbs, power banks, chargers and dehydrators. Solar ovens can generate temperatures between 120 and 178 degrees Celsius.

5. Structural Issues

Buildings with structural issues – leaks, termites or low weight bearing – might need to be retrofitted for solar equipment. An architect might need to verify whether your roof can bear the full weight of the solar panel system.

6. Roof Characteristics

Solar installers near me prefer to work on a tilted roof. Owners of a flat roof top must build a special platform angled towards the sun.

7. Ground Installation

If you have a large yard with few trees, then ground installation might be the best option. Solar panels leads might need to build a concrete foundation, supporting frame and anchoring system. With this ground-based project solar energy, you can gain optimal energy collection by angling the panels to synchronize with the sun’s movement.

8. System Upgrades

Renewable energy used might require improving your inverter (this changes DC to AC). Optimize your power home solar to enjoy the most benefits.

Homeowners might also want to upgrade their electrical service (i.e. 100 amps to 200 amps). During solar system installation, the electricians of the solar companies might need to install a subpanel.

9. Permits

Most solar installers will take care of the local building permits required for installation.

10. Utility Company Rates

Once your solar systems installed, you might need to sign a solar PV contract with your local solar utility company. This is called solar net metering in the business. Solar net metering involves your solar utility company calculating your home energy usage and home energy generation. Then, it credits your utility bill accordingly.

11. Solar Installer Characteristics

There is a variety of solar companies, manufacturers and investors. Check with solar panels leads to find the most affordable solar panel installer. The right solar power companies can make a world of difference.

Solar energy stocks have been boosted due to federal, state and local incentives. Now, these solar energy stocks are investing in the service industry. Solar energy stocks are hoping to advance the environmental movement to the next stage.

12. Tariffs

The truth is that China has replaced the United States as the factory for the world. Hence, many solar panels have been imported from China for the last couple of years. The United States Congress has sought to protect each domestic solar system maker with feed in tariff solar.

Unfortunately for residential and commercial property owners, the feed in tariff solar will increase their costs. The United States is trying to protect its American solar panel makers.

13. Where You Live

Where you live matters. It matters in terms of state regulations governing power generation, permits and financing. Some states are simply more eco-friendly than others.

If you live in a rural area, you might need to pay a distance fee for a solar system maker to install your power home solar. Rural homeowners might also need to spend more if they are far from a solar utility company or the municipal electrical grid.


Credits, Discounts & Deals

Check tax credit for a 30% reduction off the top on your federal taxes. Besides the 30% federal tax credit, you might find some state and local credits or deductions. Some non-profit organizations are interested in increasing the renewable energy used in the country.

Technology companies – such as Google – might even offer solar employee discounts.

Homeowners have nothing to lose by checking with their companies for employee discounts.

To spread out costs, some homeowners are creating cooperative solar farms. The individuals pool their resources, buying shares in power generators. Each solar power cooperative member owns a share of the energy produced.

As amazing as it sounds, you might be able to find a solar system maker, who will install your system for free. Once installed, you can pay off the expense gradually. This Zero Down Solar Deal ensures that renewable energy continues to expand its horizons.


Affordable Solar Panels

Cutting costs with solar has never been easier. But, just like with any product, there are both cheap and expensive solar panel equipment options. For the price of a cheap automobile, you could install your own home solar power generating system. You can work with installers and check tax credit to defray costs.

Generally, solar power provides you with lucrative long-term cost-savings with a high initial short-term investment cost. As long as you are willing to bite the bullet, you can save money on your energy bills. Control your initial investment costs to optimize your solar energy experience.

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