Florida Solar Design Group (FSDG) is pleased to announce that we are offering free solar panel evaluations for real estate professionals and their clients in Southwest Florida. Whether you are representing a home buyer or home seller, one thing that most home inspectors do not or cannot evaluate is the condition, function, and lifespan of a solar energy system. Many buyers are curious about how solar energy systems work and in many cases, if the one they are buying works at all. Sellers would be wise to avoid surprises that come up before closing and understand what their solar panels are really worth.

We have found that many real estate professionals do not understand much about how solar panels work. As a result they tend to downplay the significance of a solar energy system when listing a home or finding one for a prospective buyer. A solar energy system can be a real asset for a listing agent to promote. It can also be a confusing proposition for a prospective buyer that doesn’t know much about solar energy.

Home inspectors are not experts in solar power or solar thermal, and usually disclaim responsibility for inspecting solar panels.

Southwest Florida’s solar energy market is very different from the rest of the country. Solar pool heating panels are ubiquitous and popular here, and for good reason. Most people don’t understand the difference between solar panel types, creating a challenge for agents that want to educate their clients. FSDG hopes to bridge that gap, providing insightful analysis that assists real estate professionals in transactions involving solar energy systems of all kinds. Specifically, we will provide a free on-site visual inspection and verbal analysis for:

  • Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Systems: grid-interactive, off-grid, and battery backup
  • Solar Pool Heating Systems: all brands, including pool automation options and energy efficient pumps
  • Solar Water Heating Systems: all brands and types

For systems that are in disrepair or will soon be in need of replacement or remediation, we can provide free estimates. For a fee we can provide written inspection reports and valuations based on future energy savings from existing systems.

In addition to on-site evaluations, we have performed educational Q&A sessions during brokerage firm meetings. If your agents are interested in learning more about solar panels, we can provide a brief overview and answer any questions they may have. Just invite us to your next meeting. We work for donuts!

If you are interested in a free evaluation for one of your listings or on behalf of a prospective buyer, please call us at (239) 491-8010.