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Why You Should Go Solar? Top 10 Benefits of Solar Energy



Solar energy is no longer a fantasy.

Science and technology have teamed up to give us the best and cheapest source of energy imaginable – the sun. We are now living in the ‘solar generation’. Experts in the industry estimate that by the year 2050, 80% of the power produced will be solar power.

Why pay the utility companies when, with solar, they may actually pay you?

Approximately 35 states will pay you for exporting your excess solar energy to the utility company, which helps reduce costs for everyone. Of the top clean energy sources (geothermal, water, wind, and solar) only solar is considered infinite.

The list of benefits of solar energy is steadily growing as solar energy becomes more commonplace.

1 –Savings

Who doesn’t like saving? Most of us live on a budget and try to find savings wherever possible. Utility companies eat up a large portion of that budget with constantly rising energy costs. The solar energy savings from installing solar panels is well worth the initial cost, especially when you begin seeing the savings adding up quickly. In a study conducted in 2011, it was estimated that over a 20-year period homeowners’ solar energy savings could possibly run between $20,000 to $65,000!



We all leave a carbon footprint. Reducing that footprint is important for the well-being of our planet. The fossil fuels currently in use to produce our energy also produces carbon dioxide and other unhealthy greenhouse gas emissions which in turn contributes to global warming according to science. In addition, fossil fuels require major water sources that further contributes to an unhealthy environment and further depletes our precious water supplies. There are no clean energy sources that compare to solar. Using simple logic based on facts, solar should be our main source of energy. Investing in the future of the planet now will produce strong results for future generations.



Unlike drilling for oil or searching for coal fields, the renewable energy of the sun is a constant with each sunrise. Also unlike oil and other fossil fuels, this renewable clean energy source is free for the taking. When the concept of solar power was first introduced, it was considered science fiction. It is now a reality that has been proven cost-effective and reliable as an energy source. Specially designed batteries are used to store excess energy generated. This helps make up for those cloudy days when the sun isn’t shining. There is no place on earth where the use of solar would not be of benefit.


4-Stable Prices

Energy costs in general rise and fall according to the costs of the fuels used to generate the electricity we use. With solar generation, the only fuel used is that provided by the sun for free. There is no exploration, drilling, mining, refining, or shipping involved that contributes to the ever-changing cost of standard electricity generation. The high cost of maintaining and replacing current power lines and poles would be greatly reduced as well.


5-Energy Independence

Once the system of solar generation for your power needs has been installed, you no longer have to rely on the utility companies as your sole source of electricity. The more solar power you generate, your carbon footprint becomes smaller, and you’re helping reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This immensely aids in the battle against global warming.


6-Self Reliance

In isolated or rural areas where standard power lines don’t reach or are extremely unreliable, being able to go ‘off grid’ with solar gives you the power needed without having to rely on outside sources. More and more people are choosing to leave the larger urban areas for a simpler, independent lifestyle and solar makes this possible by providing the comfort of power without the high cost of paying for utilities.


7-Jobs Creation

While solar is our best source of reliable, renewable energy, the panels used to capture that energy still have to be built, shipped, and installed. An entire new industry has been created that is expected to expand exponentially as more homes and businesses choose solar over other energy sources.


8-Added Home Value

In many areas where solar energy is being used, experts estimate an average increase in home value to be in the range of $10,000 to $14,000. Besides the cost efficiency when using solar energy, this added bonus of raising the value of your home is a big plus. Even should you decide to sell your home before your solar system is fully paid, you still come out ahead.


9-Tax Incentives

As the cost of producing energy continues to soar and our natural resources are being depleted to produce the energy our society demands, Federal, state, and even local governments have devised special tax incentives for those who choose to go solar for their energy needs. The Federal government, for instance, will pay up to 30% of your solar system and its installation cost.


10-Life Expectancy and Cost of Solar Panels

There are several types of solar panels currently available on the market, but as a general rule you can expect an average of 25 to 30 years of service from the majority of them before they will need to be replaced. As with most everything, technology is constantly researching and improving to help reduce costs.

The cost of buying and installing solar panels depends on several variables. A few of these include the type, size, and number of panels needed to produce the energy you require. Do a little research and get a few estimates before making any decisions. Some companies will lease, rather than sell, the solar panels. If you choose this option, read the fine print on the contract very carefully. You may find yourself making lease payments for 20 years only to find you still must buy the panels outright or have them removed! Choosing a reputable, experienced company is your best plan of action.

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