Solar Energy System Design by Florida Solar Design Group

LOCATION Cape Coral, FL 33991
PRODUCT(S) Solar Pool Heating
NOTES This home in Cape Coral, FL has a small pool at just 268 sq ft of surface area. As a result, we can get away with a smaller solar pool heating system, especially because it is on the south roof with ideal orientation. However, there is a large tree to the south that will cast shade. An on-site analysis will be required, and it may ultimately be better to place the solar panels on the west roof. Fortunately, the west roof is quite large, and can accommodate nine panels of the same size, so even if we went to seven panels instead of six, we can still achieve the same heating performance. Shading is always a consideration, and sometimes we even need to consider that trees could be planted on a neighbor’s property that may impact solar panel performance.

Solar Pool Heater System Design in Cape Coral, 33991