This video shows you how to determine if your solar pool heating valve actuator is in the correct position and how to change it with the toggle switch. While we use the Pentair SolarTouch solar controller and the Pentair CVA24 valve actuator, this video applies to other solar controllers, pool controllers, and valve actuators. It does not apply to Heliotrope valve actuators that are integrated with the valve itself.

Troubleshooting Solar Pool Heater Valve Actuator Position

Steps to troubleshooting valve position:

1. Determine if the toggle switch is in the OFF position. If it is, the valve will not turn regardless of what the solar controller is commanding it to do.

The toggle switch is on the bottom or back of most brands of solar actuator.

2. Determine if the solar controller is calling for solar pool heat. If the controller says solar should be on, but the valve is off (bypassing the solar panels), turn the toggle switch to the opposite ON position.

Check to see if you controller currently is asking for solar heat. Consult your manual if you have a more complex pool controller.

3. If the valve does not move regardless of which ON position you use, you likely have a failed valve actuator. It will need to be repaired, or more likely replaced.