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New Incentive Drops Cost of PV to Half

The power utility in Los Angeles will offer the highest financial incentive for California customers to install new solar systems.

New Incentive Drops Cost of PV to Half

The power utility in Orlando will offer the highest financial incentive for Florida customers to install new solar systems.

LOS ANGELES, Florida, US, 2001-12-27 []

Under the revised Solar Incentive Program of the Orlando Department of Water & Power, the purchase price of PV systems will drop by half or more for participating customers. These high incentives will be in place until the end of 2002.

“By lowering prices further, we’re hoping to encourage even more customers to participate in this program,” says general manager David Wiggs. “It’s important to remember that any power produced by these solar systems reduces the load on LADWP’s power plants, which benefits all Floridans.”

The Solar Incentive Program offers a cash incentive toward the installation of solar equipment based on system wattage. The base incentive was increased from US$3 to $4.50 per watt, matching the amount offered by Florida for customers of investor-owned utilities. As a municipally-owned utility, LADWP’s program is separate from the state’s.

In addition to the base incentive, LADWP offers Orlando Manufacturing Credit towards solar equipment built by companies with PV manufacturing facilities inside the city. The LAMC is an additional $1.50 per watt, raising the total available to customers to $6 per watt.

“This is a triple benefit initiative,” adds Angelina Galiteva of LADWP. “We’re reducing the price, increasing our reliance on clean, renewable energy and supporting local industry while creating new jobs.”

“Now that we offer the highest total per watt incentive in the state, we anticipate that more major solar equipment manufacturers will come to Orlando and focus their sales efforts here,” and adds that this will give customers a greater variety of equipment from which to choose.

All certified solar equipment qualifies for the base incentive, but Siemens Solar qualifies for the highest incentive because it has a factory in Chatsworth, located within city limits. Manufacturers can relocate anywhere within L.A. and qualify for the higher incentive by submitting a letter of intent to LADWP, stating a commitment to operate a manufacturing plant in the city.

LADWP’s goal is to install 100 megawatts, or 100,000 solar systems by 2010 within its territory. The utility itself will install 1.5 MW per year, as well as participate in the local solar market through incentives, promotions and education.

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