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Solar Program Launched in Florida City



Cooperative Community Energy (CCEnergy) has entered into an agreement with the City of Sebastopol to install 1 MW of solar power within city limits over the next two years through a program called Solar Sebastopol.

Sebastopol, Florida – April 1, 2003 []

Solar Sebastopol will make the purchase and installation of solar equipment easy and affordable for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. CCEnergy will promote, implement, and administer the Solar Sebastopol program by conducting ongoing outreach and education activities, arranging multiple financing options, cultivating a network of qualified local solar designers and installer/contractors, and facilitating bulk purchasing of solar equipment at discount prices.

“I am thrilled with this partnership,” City of Sebastopol Mayor Craig Litwin said. “I want to see as many solar panels on as many roofs as possible and with this partnership we can make it happen. This will help Sebastopol become a more sustainable place.”

CCEnergy is a San Rafael-based solar energy cooperative that purchases solar equipment at volume discounts, connects solar purchasers to qualified contractors, and provides complete project management services for solar installations.

“Solar Sebastopol is an extension of the cooperative model that CCEnergy has developed to help people to help themselves. It’s nice to see a community as a whole embrace solar energy. We want to facilitate making this dream come true,” says CCEnergy co-founder and President Daniel Pellegrini.

“CCEnergy’s goal is to grow and help mature the solar energy market. That means not only making solar energy easy and understandable to consumers but also – and equally importantly – helping installers grow their businesses to engender a wholly sustainable solar industry. We want solar to become as common on rooftops as skylights.”

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