Choosing a solar powered kit can be a daunting task but is well worth it for anyone interested in building a life around renewable supplies and resources.

By channeling free energy from the sun, anyone can power their electronic devices and start harnessing clean solar energy.

Here are 12 excellent choices when choosing a dedicated energy storage hub capable of utility scale solar energy or just want to power a small device such as a cell phone. Biomass investment has been gaining more and more popularity lately, so it is a wise idea to pick up some of these before the prices rise to meet the increasing demand.


Beartwo Portable Solar Charger

This 10000 mah solar charger is a solid build battery pack. It sports 2 USB ports which allow for charging two devices at once. The compact, waterproof design is also formidable for even the most rugged activities such as camping or hiking. There are 7 color options ranging from white to dark orange ensuring there is something for everyone.


CxLiy Portable Charger Power Bank Solar Charger

This massive 25000 mah charger is fantastic for long trips and can charge up to 3 devices at once. There are also 2 ports to charge the device itself from both an Android or PC in case there is no solar energy available. It also comes with two flashlights for illumination in addition to color lights that are sure to grab SOS attention in an emergency scenario.


URWILL Solar Charger with Strong LED Flashlight

This 10000 mah battery is incredibly versatile and is designed to be charged no matter what. Sporting some of the most efficient small solar panels on the market, this device charges incredibly quickly. It also comes with a strong LED flashlight perfect for dark areas. It also dust protection, is shock resistant and is waterproof.


Dostyle Portable Solar Power Bank External Backup Battery Pack

While this battery pack is only 8000 mah, it comes with a free hook for fastening to a belt buckle or backpack. This added value makes up for the smaller charge size especially if the user isn’t planning on going on any extended trips. It comes with 3 USB outputs so it is capable of charging just about device.


Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger

This fully featured and sizeable build battery pack has a massive 24000 mah charge and has 3 small solar panels on the back. This device charges extremely quickly and should definitely be considered when utility scale solar energy is required. It also has a total of 9 bright LED lights perfect for illuminating just about any space.


Hobest Water-Resistant Outdoor Solar Power Bank with LED Flashlight

The most notable thing about this 10000 mah solar charge is the inclusion of a compass whistle that could become incredibly handy in an emergency situation. This a great choice for anyone who wants a little extra insurance before going out into the wild. It comes with dual USB ports for those who would like to charge multiple devices at once.


FEELLE Solar Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels

This 25000 mah charger is a real powerhouse and can be used in a variety of situations. The 3 high-efficiency solar panels ensure a quick charge which is great for when there is barely any sunlight left in the day. It also comes with a bright flashlight that features a strobe effect for use in SOS scenarios.


SOARAISE Solar Charger Portable Power Bank

This 25000 mah battery pack is one of the most durable devices on this list. It was built with shock, dust and water resistance in mind. The manufacturer boasts that the charger will last for 5 years or more, so this is an excellent option for anyone who wants their stuff to stand the test of time.


ADDTOP Power Bank External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Tablets

This 12000 mah charge is an excellent choice for outdoor use. That said, it does come with a dc charger in case there isn’t a strong ray of sunlight pouring down. This charger only needs about 1 and a half hours to fully charge a smartphone so it is great for those who need their device back to full power quickly.


OUTXE Rugged Solar Charger

This 20000 mah charger is the most durable solar charging kit for those heading into a harsh environment. In addition to being shock, water, and dustproof like many other chargers on this list, this battery pack is also crushing and skid proof. This extra layer of strength is perfect in any outdoor scenario and the type C USB charger is great for charging newer devices as well.


OUTXE Quick Charge 20000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

While this 20000 mah charger doesn’t guarantee crush protection, the military grade design is still powerful enough to withstand drops on hard surfaces such as rock or mountains. Not to mention, the quick charge capability on this unit is second to none. It is capable of charging most device to around 80% in roughly 35 minutes. This is an excellent all-around choice for outdoor usage and keeping your solar energy clean.


FEELLE Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Ports

This 24000 mah charger has waterproof USB ports which are great for trips with lots of water and chances for the device to get wet. The solar panels on this device are quite large and pick up tons of solar energy cleanly and efficiently. It is incredibly quick to power on and can charge most devices 3 to 5 times quicker than most of the other chargers on the market.


In the end, each of these 12 battery packs is a great choice if you are interested in renewable supplies and looking for a solar energy storage hub. With biomass investment increasing each and every year, there has never been a better time to purchase one of the above devices and keep you solar energy clean. We hope you have enjoyed this list and found it useful when making your solar powered kit decision.