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We are changing the process of converting to solar so that it is simpler than ever before.

We are changing the process of converting to solar so that it is simpler than ever before.

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In your home, power is everything. Keeping the lights on at night—and food fresh in the refrigerator—is more than a luxury. It represents safety, freedom and control. And with SunVault™ Storage, you can maintain safety and freedom inside your home, regardless of what happens outside of it, with whole home * backup.

Keep your lights on
Power outages are simply part of our world these days. From rolling blackouts to lightning storms to simply spending more time at home—be the house on the block where the lights shine bright and the electric bills drop. *

Get more energy independence
Electricity costs are rising across the country. And utilities charge more when they know you need it most. Instead, make your own clean energy, store the excess for peak times and power outages and break free from the power company grid games.

Control your own home
With SunVault™ Storage you can set your own power preferences, monitor system operation and savings with intuitive software, and ensure seamless transfers from grid power to battery power and back.

How Much Power Does a Solar Panel Produce | Solar Power System

solar pv installations for the whole town orlando
solar pv installations for the whole town orlando

Installing solar panels to power your home or business is no longer a futuristic idea. According to, the solar industry is growing at a record pace, with an average annual growth rate of 50 percent. Solar installations that produce energy from sunlight surged in 2016 as the cost to install solar panels dropped more than 70 percent over the last decade. In 2019, buyers found solar panels readily available and at their lowest price in history. Solar sourced energy is now as cheap as energy sourced from fossil fuels, and in just a few years it will be even cheaper. If you’re considering installing solar panels, you may want to brush up on exactly how to choose the best type of panels. Determining how much power a solar panel produces is a crucial factor in making an educated decision about types of solar panels.


How Do Solar Panels Produce Power?

solar deep in the hood
solar deep in the hood

To understand how much solar power is produced per square foot you should know a little bit about how solar panels work. Solar panels work by allowing particles of light, called photons, to knock electrons from their atomic orbitals. When this occurs, a flow of electricity is generated, and this electricity is harnessed and preserved as electrical energy. This all happens as light hits a unit called a photovoltaic cell.

Solar panels are made up of hundreds or thousands of these cells, and multiple solar panels make up a solar array. These arrays are connected to the existing electrical grid so that the generated energy can be directed properly.


What Makes A Solar Panel Produce The Most Energy?

roof top solar installations orlando
roof top solar installations orlando

To produce the energy needed to power your home or business, you’ll need to determine how much power you currently use and that will translate into the number and type of solar panels you will want to install in your photovoltaic (PV) solar system. To produce the maximum amount of power per square foot, a solar panel must be well designed to handle temperature, spectrum, angle, and amount of light.


It’s not hot temperatures that keep solar panels from producing the highest energy levels. In fact, when temperatures are higher than about 78 degrees the panels produce less energy. However, our solar panels are built with a low-temperature coefficient that helps minimize these losses.


solar rooftop installations
solar rooftop installations

True solar panels convert visible light to electrical energy. But thanks to the spectrum of light that includes infrared and ultraviolet light as well as the light visible to the human eye, solar panels can still develop energy even on cloudy days. Solar panels that can absorb more infrared and ultraviolet light can produce more energy. 


The power produced by solar panels is also dependent on both the angle that your roof faces the sun and the angle of the sun itself. While your roof surface doesn’t change, the sun does as the earth rotates on its axis around the sun. These factors make each solar installation unique. The solar panels Simply Solar uses are built with anti-reflective glass that causes the sun’s rays to bounce back into the solar cell, harnessing even more power.

Amount of light:

Since the number of light rays that hit your solar panels is a critical factor in generating energy, solar installers at Simply Solar take great care to install your panels away from the shade of trees and leaves as well as away from dust or other obstacles that can block light. The weather patterns at your location are considered when estimating power generated by your solar system.

How Many Solar Panels Will You Need To Power?

Solar panel systems are measured in terms of kilowatts (kW) — a measure of electrical power equal to one thousand watts. A common-sized solar panel array is usually around 5-6kW and takes up around four hundred square feet of space. An array of this size can produce an average of 350-850 kWh of AC (alternating current) energy per month. A typical household uses about 898 kWh per month. Taking the above factors into consideration, the solar installers at Simply Solar can determine how much power you will need and design a solar system for your home or business that contains the optimum configuration of panels to fulfill your electrical energy needs. 

Install Solar Panels in Your Home or Business Today!

As you can see, it is very possible to generate enough energy to cover 100 percent of your energy needs in your home or business. Take advantage of the low prices and do your part to support clean air by scheduling an installation with our expert solar panel installers today! Florida Solar East LLC is one of the top solar panel energy producers in the country and we’re standing by now to take your order! Call (866) 447-6527 today and speak with one of our experienced representatives to find your solar contractor.

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How solar + storage works

Watch this short video to see how combining a Florida Solar East Equinox® solar system with Florida Solar East ® SunVault™ Storage can power your home with cleaner energy, lower your electric bills and keep the lights on when grid power goes out.

Charge with solar
As your Florida Solar East Equinox® system produces energy, it sends the electricity you're not using to SunVault™ Storage and/or sells it back to the grid for a credit on future electric bills. *

Decrease grid energy usage
at peak times

Intelligent software monitors your solar, home energy use and utility rates to determine which power source to use—maximizing use of solar and reducing peak-time charges.

Backup Your essentials
When the power goes out, SunVault™ Storage can provide seamless backup to power your essential appliances, such as keeping the lights on or running your refrigerator. *

Control your own energy with solar + storage.

Better together

Adding SunVault™ Storage to your Florida Solar East Equinox® solar system is the perfect way to make the most of the solar energy you produce.

Frequently asked questions
What is included in the Florida Solar East® SunVault™ Storage System?

SunVault™ Storage is comprised of two boxes, the SunVault™ Battery and Hub+™ (the brains behind the system). Additionally, all customers receive access to Florida Solar East’s mobile app to view their performance and manage system settings.

Is there a warranty? How does it compare?

Yes. Florida Solar East provides a 10-year warranty for SunVault™ Storage as part of the Complete Confidence Warranty—the same warranty that covers your Florida Solar East ® solar system.

Will the battery work on days when it is not sunny outside?

SunVault™ Storage is designed to charge when it is sunny and discharge when needed based on your settings. In your mobile app, you can select how much of the battery you want to use daily for cost savings and how much to reserve for an outage.

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Every home should have access to clean powered energy at an affordable cost. Our team works with you every step of the way providing you with exceptional designs and the best solar panels available.

Save Up to $20K in Year One

  • Eliminate having to use electrical companies.
  • Eliminating the use of fossil fuels from utility companies. 
  • Returning power to the grid. 
  • Receive a tax break for installing solar panels. Being a first-time installer of solar panels can deduct 26% of the cost for 2021, 26% for 2022, and 22% for 2023.

25 Year Warranty on Our Installations

  • We offer a 25-year warranty on all work completed by our installers to help ensure a peace of mind.
  • Savings on future repairs can also be done through the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Projects are completed in ⅓ of the time, which helps keep down labor costs.

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